Illuminess — Elizabeth Robinson — Alchemy, Ritual & Resilience Coach


Lead the revolution that will change your life.

The most important thing you will do in life is to WAKE UP; to start driving your dream, discover what is sacred and then live by it.

When you claim your power by aligning with your unapologetic truth, the world will alter and form around you. You are the awakened dreamer wielding visions into manifestation — and finally doing what you’ve come to do.

ILLUMINESS coaching is for visionaries, leaders, entrepreneurs and change-agents who feel deeply moved to reach high. If you are committed to taking that next quantum leap in your personal and planetary dream, ILLUMINESS will help you lean into your growth edge while evolving as a clear, empowered channel for ushering in the new paradigms that are emerging in almost every arena of human existence.

ILLUMINESS is a wisdom-based, working-model that includes ancient practices and practical neuroscience for navigating milestone events and day-to-day living. Part of the coaching method is research-based and proven to dramatically improve the self-regulation of stress, a skill that is a lifeline in these tumultuous times. It also provides a comprehensive approach to the marriage of spirit and business – so that all of you can show up.

Elizabeth Robinson is the architect of the ILLUMINESS Matrix, a method for the growth and expansion of luminary women in leadership. Her coaching helps to awaken and balance the full richness of the human condition – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual – and offers grounded ways for achieving unprecedented evolution.

The world needs you. Show up.

Arriving Spring 2017

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